Better IP business intelligence for your startup

Competitive IP business intelligence is not simply a matter of gathering information on your competition or the market. It is the analysis of this information, drawing conclusions to deliver insights into your competitors or the industry.

Gain market and competitor insight

Competitive IP business intelligence can paint a clearer picture of how you and your company fit into this overall context. We can assist you in a number of ways – see our intelligence services outline below.

Our intelligence services

Market intelligence

A market intelligence study is a detailed analysis of a specific market or industrial sector to assist a client in identifying the overall market for their technology, how they might address that market, what routes they may have and important players in that particular market – some of which may represent competition, whilst others may be future partners or collaborators. Knowing your market and your relative position allows you to effectively build a strategy for gaining a share of that market and a business plan on how to make that a reality.

White space / foresight analysis

Many companies operate in or wish to enter busy and heavily developed technology sectors, with significant amounts of competition. These sectors often represent large and potentially lucrative markets, but may also contain very large companies with large IP portfolios. In this context, a company can identify a niche for itself through a white space analysis – a gap in the market as yet unfilled. Through such an exercise, a business can develop a product or service to fill such an identified market need and develop suitable IP to help them protect their position in that white space.

Technology transfer / university spinouts

We support university technology transfer departments in numerous ways. Our main focus is helping researchers understand the reality of both the patent landscape in a technical domain, as well as the commercial potential for an innovation were it to be commercialised. Our technology transfer interventions range from early-stage investment appraisal (is it worth investing funds in this sector?) to IP audits for spin-outs to licensing packs for teams which prefer to license out their innovations to enable the maximum level of impact for their work.

Our consultants have worked in top UK research organisations (including Russell Group universities) and are attuned to the deliverables that the research sector seek to achieve. Our work has also been used by funding agencies to help finalise recommendations related to receipt of funding, based on a clear understanding of both the innovation landscape as well as current and future market opportunities.

IP brokerage

When a business or an individual creates a great invention or builds a revenue generating opportunity for a business, the reality is that often the individual or team does not have the time or the resources to take the invention to market. However, they still wish to generate revenue from the invention, perhaps through a sale or alternatively through licensing it out to others. Our team has both the expertise and experience to help clients extract value from their intangible assets. We deliver a focused programme of activity to ensure that the client’s intangible assets have the maximum possibility of being commercialised.

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