Patent litigation

Our patent litigation service

In addition to the comprehensive patent services that we offer, our attorneys are also experienced in resolving patent disputes via litigation. Our litigation team has extensive experience and many years of dealing with a broad range of patent cases before the UK – in the High Court, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) and the Court of Appeal – sometimes whilst managing parallel proceedings. Our patent litigation work covers a breadth of industries. Most recently we have conducted litigation in the UK courts in matters encompassing chemical and IT technologies.

Our focus

Regardless of the task, whether it be achieving a commercial result for our clients on the negotiating table or succeeding at trial, our team has the commercial acumen and skills to ensure that our clients’ interests are secured. We have particular experience of advising in patent disputes with multi-jurisdictional issues, especially throughout Europe, China, and the US. We are accustomed to assessing the strategic advantages of where to commence proceedings so as to maximise the chances of a successful outcome for our clients. 

We work with clients, balancing their commercial and strategic objectives, business requirements and cost implications, to establish a disputes strategy. Whilst this may involve formal proceedings, we are committed to using alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including informal negotiations and recognised ADR forms such as mediation and arbitration, wherever it seems most likely to lead to a better overall result for our clients. We have an excellent track record of settling high-value patent disputes through this method.

Importantly, given the commercial and financial implications of patent litigation, we are committed to ensuring that any potential impacts of litigation are assessed within the overall litigation strategy. We will always use appropriate, cost-effective and transparent strategies to meet your needs.

Our strong and trusted client relationships ensure that our patent attorneys have an in-depth understanding of their businesses and technologies. This unparalleled understanding and technical expertise, combined with specialist legal skills, means that we provide a dispute resolution team with the experience and resources to handle all elements of litigation. 

The strength of our litigation team is demonstrated by our successful track record, and we pride ourselves in achieving practical and commercially driven results for our clients.

Our patent litigation experience