16 May 2017

Trade marks and branding in China

China is one of the leading global manufacturing hubs and the fastest growing consumer market in the world. As an operating base, manufacturing for export to other Asian economies, and as a consumer market in its own right, China offers almost unparalleled opportunity for foreign businesses looking to trade.  

Chinese businesses are very IP savvy, and clearly see the value in registration and enforcement of their IP rights in China. The numbers are staggering. China received 2.88 million single-class trade mark applications in 2015, an increase of 24% from 2014. 96% of applications were from domestic applicants. Every year, the Chinese authorities oversee hundreds of thousands of administrative trade mark disputes (oppositions, revocations and cancellation actions).

This IP landscape is what UK businesses will face when looking to expand into China. Please click here to read an article in which we explain some important considerations for those looking to trade in China and what to prepare for.