11 October 2017

The Supercapacitor with the Capacity to Charge Electric Vehicles in Seconds

Mathys & Squire are thrilled to see that their client, ZapGo recently received notable media coverage for their battery innovation that is set to revolutionise, not only the automotive industry, but also how we charge our everyday home appliances.

The British start-up company developed nano carbon supercapacitors that could mean the rapid charging of gadgets and electric vehicles is imminent, and that it could take a matter of seconds to do so. The BBC has reported  that though the current version is unable to store a substantial amount of power, later versions of the carbon-ion supercapacitor batteries will.

Currently, lithium-ion batteries, found in most smartphones and electronics, take a significate amount of time to charge, however the supercapacitors developed by ZapGo can withstand thousands of charges thanks to less moving parts, meaning a portable charger can be fully powered in just 5 minutes. Which ultimately means you can simply zap and go!

To watch the BBC World News report, please click here