01 October 2018

Patenting Antibodies – The Difference in Approach between US and European Authorities

Although there are some similarities between the way that US and European authorities uphold antibody patents, there are also some important differences.

Mathys & Squire partner, Monika Rai and managing associate, Juliet Redhouse, explore those differences in September’s edition of BioPharm. Their article outlines the European Patent Office’s approach to antibodies, including such variations as single-chain variable fragments (scFvs) and single-domain antibodies.

To download and read the article in full, please click here. To discuss patenting antibodies further, please contact Monika Rai or Juliet Redhouse.


Juliet has experience advising on supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) in multiple European jurisdictions and handles a wide range of subject matter in the fields of molecular biology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. She also has particular experience in the areas of antibody technology, vaccine technology, protein and peptide based medicines, recombinant gene expression, diagnostic assays and medical devices.