14 August 2020

Mathys & Squire’s client, SmartParc, unveils plans for £300 million collaborative community food production facility

We are pleased to report that our client, SmartParc, has announced plans for a new £300 million sustainable food production facility in Derby. SmartParc confirmed that it obtained £12 million of government funding for the project which, once completed, will create 4,500 jobs in the area. The facility will be built on a 140-acre brownfield site.

The concept of SmartParc’s facility, which will provide space for multiple food manufacturers in which to operate, is to increase efficiency and reduce waste by recycling energy and reducing food miles by operating as a central distribution facility. It is due to be completed in 2024 and the facility represents the first of its kind in the world.

The trade mark team at Mathys & Squire has worked with SmartParc for a number of years to protect its trade mark rights in the UK and further afield.

Commenting on the news, associate Harry Rowe said: “We are delighted with SmartParc’s announcement that it will be building its first facility in Derby. The news will undoubtedly provide an enormous boost to the local economy and communities by providing much-needed jobs. Moreover, the potential environmental benefits of this facility are profound, particularly considering the impact that climate change is likely to have in the coming decades and the potential impact on food security. We are proud to be working with the team at SmartParc to protect its trade marks to ensure that its brand value is secured.”