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Counterfeiting is the practice of manufacturing goods and selling them under a trade mark without the trade mark owner’s permission. Counterfeit goods are normally of a substandard quality and can easily become faulty, damaging the brand owner’s reputation. This document explores counterfeiting, prevention, legal measures in place, and what to do if someone has counterfeited your products.


Collaborating and working with our clients

This brochure provides an introduction to our firm, and our specialist service areas including patents, trade marks, designs and litigation.


Is your IP working hard enough for your business?

Intellectual property is a business asset that can have substantial value and can be used to give you a competitive advantage, but is it working hard enough for your business?


Brexit and what it means for your IP

Mathys & Squire’s ability to represent its clients in the UK and Europe is not affected by Brexit. In this insight, we hope to dispel some of the myths surrounding how patents, trade marks and design rights have been impacted by Brexit.


Protecting IP in your startup

Explore how protecting and commercialising your IP can be the difference between being a startup and transforming into a household name.

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