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Andreas Wietzke


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Alexander Robinson


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Harry Rowe

Managing Associate

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Jessie Harrison


Ryan Grace

Advent IP

Mathys & Squire is the strongest partner we have in Europe. Their work is of the highest quality, is very thorough and sets a benchmark for international collaboration on sophisticated patent issues. They lay out options in terms of success rates which is invaluable in helping me make commercial decisions on how to proceed.

Hadas Mor

Reinhold Cohn & Partners

The entire team at Mathys & Squire is very professional, welcoming and very patient. We pose some difficult issues sometimes and we always get a prompt, detailed response which enables us to take a final decision with the client. We are very pleased both professionally and administratively.

Martin Jackson


As a team, our attorneys at Mathys & Squire offer a range of different skills which support our business from strategic thinking at a high level to technical knowledge, tactics and a really clear understanding of our requirements. We are confident that we are working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for our company.