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Protecting every breakthrough

Our intellectual property expertise

From day one, we want to ensure that you benefit from our support ecosystem in order to build and protect your IP portfolio. We strive to not only share your passion for innovation, but also to collaborate on your next big original idea. Knowing that you have an unrivalled team with the necessary skills and expertise to help develop your idea, we can help to turn that idea from an intangible concept to a tangible asset.

Why choose us…?

Our approach is simple, yet effective. First and foremost, we start by building a relationship with you and understanding your challenges and business needs. After this stage, we can advise on how you can use your IP to add commercial value to your business while aligning with your objectives. Our team has been trained to capture, protect and review all types of IP, including patents, trade marks, design rights, IP agreements, trade secrets or copyrights. The benefit of working with a cross-service firm such as ours is that you will have access to specialists in each of these service areas, all with a common goal of helping you in protecting your breakthrough.