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Strategy & investment


Do you have a storage system for all new ideas, inventions, content, photos and creative output?

Storing new ideas

Do your employment contracts make reference to IP?

Employment contracts

Do you have a clear idea of who owns and controls all IP within your supply chain?

IP ownership

Tracking your competitors

Do you have standard terms or agreements in place to be used when engaging external agencies, consultants or freelancers?

Agreements with external agencies or freelances

Do you see IP as an asset and consider its licence, sale or purchase as part of your commercial strategy?

Licence, sale or purchase of intellectual property

Do you have a policy and framework in place to ensure valuable IP is identified early and assessed for protection or infringement before it is disclosed externally?

Assessment for protection or infringement

Have you identified the intangible assets that deliver the most value/competitive advantage for your business?

Competitive advantage