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Trade marks

There’s only one of you. We help you keep it that way.

Our trade mark attorneys operate in the space where creativity meets legal, and have decades of experience in this fascinating area. We are branding enthusiasts in every sense: our aim is to fully understand your business – its values, message and strategy – so that we can ensure that every element of your customer interface is considered, protected and profitable.

With an exceptional ability to offer advice that, whilst focusing on the legal benefits of trade mark protection, is always heavily based on your business’ commercial goals and expansion plans, we aim to act as extensions of your team. The guidance and assistance our trade mark attorneys provide to an early-stage or fast-growth business can be invaluable in accelerating growth and removing potential obstacles along the way.



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What is a trade mark?

A trade mark is an IP right that provides the exclusive ability to use the protected creation in respect of particular goods or services. It is a legal mechanism that serves to protect the identity, reputation and customers of a company, whilst ensuring continued brand loyalty.

Registered trade mark rights are renewable indefinitely and therefore provide businesses with lifelong assets that will grow in value alongside the businesses’ continued success. Some of the world’s largest brands are valued at billions of pounds. This is why our attorneys take the protection of your brands extremely seriously from the outset; they understand that your creativity is valuable and know from experience that they can help you maximise this.

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