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Startup Discovery School partnership: Helping founders prove their value before pitching to investors

Startup Discovery School is an innovation organisation working with entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses. They provide mentorship – such as financial, business strategy and legal support, access to capital and connections to entrepreneurial ecosystems – all through an online programme delivered by founders, mentors and investors.

Startup Discovery School exists to bridge the gap between where founders are and where they potentially could be. They believe that business fundamentals are crucial, beyond the hype and awards, and want to work with founders that are committed to building solid businesses with the potential to scale and grow. Startup Discovery School’s focus is to ensure that they are creating the conditions that make this possible.

Whether you’re just starting out lean or already have a validated idea, Startup Discovery School has a programme suited for you. You can find out more about their incubator (6 weeks) or accelerator (12 weeks) programmes and how their team of experts can support you here.