Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are finding an ever-increasing number of roles in a diverse range of technical fields, and that the field of technology itself is developing even more rapidly.

Fortunately, Mathys & Squire has the foresight to recruit intellectual property experts with a deep understanding of the technology, and as a consequence has a highly experienced team of patent attorneys working in the field. We have been recognised as having a reputation for providing industry leading advice and insights.

Our AI and machine learning IP services

Mathys & Squire’s AI group offers a full range of services in areas including AI patent and trade mark procurement, licensing and IP portfolio management and commercialisation of IP. We also defend against any AI patent infringements.

Our clients have access both to attorneys who are experienced in dealing with the application of AI/ML technology, as well as attorneys intimately familiar with the underlying software and hardware which makes these applications possible.

The AI group has extensive experience with the application of AI/ML in any fields of technology, from medicine and biotechnology to financial markets, big data, autonomous vehicles, logistics and a multitude of other industries.

Practical AI experience

We work with a range of clients, from global entities to startups, whether based in the UK or further afield, our teams understand the challenges and considerations that businesses need to be aware of when it comes to AI and machine learning technology. Our teams pride themselves on practical, down to earth advice which helps our clients make more informed, commercial decisions to help their businesses become even more successful.

Experts in AI and machine learning IP

This is a fast-moving field, not only technically, but also in how IP law is adapting to fit the technical landscape. We are proud that several of our practitioners in our AI group are regularly called upon for comment in the press and to provide seminars and lectures on the many evolving legal issues relating to AI.


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Catherine Booth
Douglas Cole
Managing Associate
Thomas Fraser
Peter Gray
Ilya Kazi
Dani Kramer
Sean Leach
Alan MacDougall
Harry Muttock
Jeremy Smith
Vicki Strachan
Of Counsel
Max Thoma
Caroline Warren
Andrew White
Managing Associate

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