Lawrence Bickers

Business Consultant

BSc, MSc

Lawrence began his career in telecommunications research in 1972 where he published 5 patents and over 50 technical papers. He moved into operations, responsible for network capital investment and then managed the exploitation of intangible assets. In 2001 he joined a USA startup to exploit patent assets and in 2007 a private equity firm specialising in patent transactions. In 2012 he joined Coller IP becoming Managing Director and Chairman. In 2017 Coller IP was acquired by Mathys & Squire, where he is now a business consultant.


Lawrence is focused on creating and maintaining the value of intangible assets, sustainable business profitability and value recognition. He identifies transaction opportunities and advises on transaction structures, heads of terms and pricing. He lectures on intangible asset valuation and how to prepare for negotiations.

Lawrence graduated in electronic engineering from University College North Wales, Bangor and with a master’s degree in telecommunications from Essex University. He has lectured and examined at Cranfield University, sat on the industrial advisory board of Bangor University and has been a visiting professor at Metropolitan University Manchester.

Lawrence has recently conducted investment appraisals for university spinouts, delivered an IP valuation multimedia training event over to clients overseas, both virtually and in-person, and is currently advising SMEs in licensing negotiations.