Christopher Hirsz

Of Counsel

UK & European Patent Attorney


Chris has over 30 years’ experience of patents and has worked across Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, south-east Asia and in the UK. He has experience in all areas of electronics, telecommunications and software.

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Chris has experience in all areas of electronics, telecommunications and software patenting and is very passionate about passing on his practical, commercial understanding of how intellectual property (IP) can be best used by entrepreneurs and SMEs. His early career started with 18 months at the UK Patent Office, gaining examiner’s perspective. He then moved into the commercial world with GEC, where he trained on a number of different technologies, including fibre optics, power engineering, lighting and domestic appliances. Chris is experienced in liaising with inventors in design centres across Europe and the Middle East, sitting on patent committees to identify inventions, drafting and prosecuting patent applications, as well as dealing with patent infringement matters. Chris has dealt with inventions in semiconductor circuits and manufacturing processes including microprocessors, automotive electronics and radio communications, as well as setting up and managing patent committees, for Motorola’s European patent operations. Chris also has knowledge of Australian and south-east Asian patent markets, having spent several years in private practice in Australia and qualified as an Australian Patent Attorney, and subsequently managing Motorola’s south-east Asian and Australasian IP portfolios, especially in semiconductors. For the last fourteen years he has practised in the UK, where he has represented a number of multinational and European clients, large, small and individual. He has been involved in the Cambridge entrepreneurial community, helping provide education and mentorship to start-up companies and students, both on the benefits and the pitfalls of IP for small enterprises.

Chris studied physics and astronomy at University College London. He has also provided lectures on European IP law to Polish patent attorneys and encouraged entrepreneurship among students in Warsaw, analogously to the entrepreneurship community of students in Cambridge.

Chris has recently been working on European prosecution in the electronics and networking field for Cisco, and in the field of medical robotics for another major US corporation. Chris has also helped a UK SME to expand its worldwide patent portfolio in the area of medical diagnostic systems. He has worked with another UK-based SME to substantially increase its IP coverage in the US and Europe in USB graphics and technology that enables wired and wireless VR, monitors, docking stations and video adapters.