Brian More

Head of Consulting

BSc, MBA, DPhil

Brian is an experienced director of intellectual property with a demonstrated history of delivering value to businesses through intangible asset management. He is highly skilled in IP valuation, negotiation, business planning and innovation management.

Brian is experienced in the commercialisation of intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP), as well as their valuation. He also works with his clients to provide them advice on the strategic use of IA/IP in growing and scaling businesses internationally.

With the use of various tools and techniques, Brian is able to also offer advice on the acceleration of ideas through to market launch, including commercial assessments. Brian is highly skilled in providing training and educational courses on IP commercialisation, protection, use and management.

Brian’s recent work includes IP valuation of patents, trade marks and trade secrets for businesses looking to use their IP value in negotiations with investors. He also performs IP audits and offers strategic advice on global use of IP in licensing deals and the use of benchmarking of royalty rates in licences.

Brian is a member of LES.