Don't just take our word for it - meet members from our team below and see what they think of Mathys. 

You can also download a Q&A with some of our Technical Assistants or our Secretaries for insights and top tips they've learned on the road to becoming qualified. 

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Laura Malone

Meet Laura! Laura joined our team in 2010

What do you like most about your role?

I have always considered myself to be a “people person” and so I get a lot of job satisfaction out of making other people’s lives run more smoothly. I work with very ambitious, hard working people - knowing that my efforts toward organising and supporting them is truly valued and appreciated is a great feeling . 

What do you like most about working at Mathys & Squire?

I am lucky enough to work with some genuinely lovely people. I enjoy working with them and attending the many social events organised throughout the year. Mathys allows me to grow and progress - I have been sent on various courses to develop my knowledge of IP (such as the CIPA Patent Administrator’s course) and to keep on advancing.

Top tip for new joiners?

The job involves being organised and precise - but it also involves working closely with people who need to rely on and trust you. A good sense of humour can go a long way when you are working with the same people every day!

Sharon Bell

Meet Sharon!

What does your day look like?

Busy! But I love it! I work for a Partner, a Managing Associate and an Associate. There are always lots of emails and bills to process and queries to figure out.

The best part of being a secretary is...

I am never bored. I have a really nice relationship with my bosses and I get to help out others.

Why did you choose Mathys & Squire?

A former colleague recommended the company to me describing it as being an exceptionally sociable and rewarding place to work. After 17 months I am happy to say I agree!