The Hague International Design System

The Hague system allows a design to be registered in several territories starting from a single international application.

The centralised process of the Hague system allows applicants to seek registered design protection in multiple jurisdictions in an efficient manner.

Registered design protection can be obtained via the Hague system in many major territories, including the US, Japan, the European Union, the UK, Russia and the Republic of Korea.  A full list of Contracting Parties is available here.

The Hague system is, however, not without its pitfalls, not least due to nuances in practices and procedures in many of the Contracting Parties.  Care must therefore be taken when using the Hague System.

For more information about the Hague system, contact your Mathys & Squire attorney.

The UK is currently working to join the Hague Agreement and thereafter Brexit should have little effect