We have created a team that includes not only scientists with post-doctoral research experience, but also industry veterans who understand the challenges and pressures of being a client. We work across all areas of engineering, including the medical devices, aerospace, cleantech, energy and automotive areas.

Working with small start-ups and academic institutions, through to multi-national corporations, we have a proven track record in providing the highest level of IP advice in engineering technology.

Clients value our approach to IP portfolio management. We pride ourselves on not only offering the highest level of worldwide patent registration and opposition work, but also on working closely with a number of engineering clients in licensing negotiations, technology transfer and government contracts, IP audits, M&A and related aspects of corporate finance.

We aim to help our clients shed light on their portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses and make informed business decisions to maximise the revenue that IP brings to their business.

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Our engineering patent expertise covers a broad range of technology within the sector