The team has particular technical expertise in oil and petrochemical technologies, catalytic processes, polymers and composite materials, food chemistry, natural food supplements, absorbent articles, hydrogen fuel cells, solid state chemistry, catalysts and holographic sensors.

The team handle all areas of IP protection, including drafting and prosecution of global patent families, opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office where we have significant experience and a successful track record.

We have worked as sole European attorney with one of the world's seven "supermajor" oil and gas companies for over ten years, and one of SE Asia’s largest oil and gas companies since 2008. These successful partnerships have resulted in the Mathys & Squire team being involved with major projects including bio-chemicals and oil exploration.

Members of the team have also handled cases for one of the world’s leading multinational consumer goods companies relating to chemical engineering, including industrial processes for producing personal care compositions such as shower gels and shampoos.

The team is also actively involved in the area of food technology working for clients who specialise in batter coatings and methods for producing cooked and part-cooked foods, clients with a particular emphasis on microwavable products (containers and food compositions), and those working in salt reduction technologies and flavour improving compositions.

The team has an impressive record in representing clients in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering