There has recently been an explosion in the breadth of protection available for design features in Europe. Computer displays, utilitarian objects, product packaging, printed material and component can all be protected.

Skillful use of the varieties of design protection available in Europe and elsewhere will frequently require either the structural awareness of patent attorneys or the marketing awareness of trade mark attorneys. 

Whether it’s the protection of the shape, colour or material of a product, the team will work to protect and ensure that designs are registered correctly.

A registered design gives the owner the exclusive rights to use it commercially, licence it or sell it. We understand that aesthetics are a big part of the core business for some of our clients and that owning the design rights for a product is a strong, and potentially financially critical, business need.

The new EU Community Design system now allows design registration much sooner than other registered rights, and is often a much cheaper process.  Our team is experienced in the detailed knowledge that is required to register, enforce and defend our clients' design rights.

We work with our clients to advise them on all aspects of design law and ensure that they will not themselves end up infringing an existing design. We also have experience guiding our clients through the complexities of dealing with contractual issues surrounding multiple party rights for one design.

Our multi-disciplined design team contains both patent and trade mark attorneys to ensure we get the best results for clients